In Praise of “It’s About Us”

“If you want your daily lives improved and your marriage relationship strengthened so you can enjoy a physically and emotionally happier marriage, read this book! Dr. Ross has crafted a series of chapters that focus on the positive side of what your marriage longs for and how to pull it off in a very practical way. This book is not the know-it-all, do-it-like-this message common to many marriage enrichment books. Dr. Ross shares both the nitty and the gritty from his five-decade-plus marriage which makes the book authentic, beneficial, and fun to read – enjoy!” – Carl Sutter, Pastor, Foundations Church, Loveland, Colo.

“Whenever someone, who is already a thoughtful writer, who was in a marriage for over half a century, more in love at the end than the beginning, talks about how to have a good marriage, I’m all ears. It’s About Us is easy to read and full of wisdom.” – Dr. Clay Peck, Lead Pastor, Grace Place, Berthoud, Colo.

“The world is filled with underdeveloped marriages, would-be unions of unreached potential and couples settling for what they have – instead of striving for what could be. Dr. Ross’s book is an overflow of marriage enrichment, guaranteed to jumpstart any marriage and keep it running for the next 50+ years. No matter at what stage you find your marriage, this book will take it to the next stage and beyond. – Bill McConnell, Speaker and author of Together: Surprisingly Simple Secrets for Loving Your Wife Forever

“I highly recommend It’s About Us to anyone who needs real world yet compassionate answers to the confusion, hurt, disappointments and, let’s face it; huge differences between husbands and wives that negatively impact God’s plan for marriage. Dr. Ross and Melanie Miller have approached this topic with warmth and compassion, and both deeply professional and highly practical insight! As you read it; make sure you also follow up with the brief but powerful applications at the end of each chapter. You and your mate will be blessed!” – Rich Marshall, Author of God@Work I and II, and God@Rest; TV Host of God@Work; www.God.tv/work

“Sixteen meaningful and poignant skill-tools are astutely described and directed in Dr. Ross’s newest book, It’s All About US. The master trail guide speaks from years of successful experience as a husband, minister, marriage seminar leader, and conscientious marriage advisor. Practical and realistic themes are presented throughout the book. Every pastor’s pre-marital counseling effort should prescribe two books: The Bible and It’s About US. I will be sure to use them both in my ministry.” – Rev. Mike Currier, Ph.D.

“We are all a bit of the narcissist. Makes it really tough for two people to get to Us. God made humankind for relationship, but self-interest incessantly resists. Me is easy – Us is hard! But getting to Us is God’s goal for marriage, exemplified by the relationship between Christ and His church – the ultimate Us. As minister, marriage specialist, and with the personal experience of a half-century of married life, Ron Ross gives practical wisdom on how to get past Me to Us.”Johnny Hall – Director, One Voice Mission, Colorado Springs, Colorado

“Men and women are different and unique in their own right. That factor is the marital source of friction, support, arguments, hugs, tears, and joys. Marriage, as Ron Ross describes, is a robust relationship requiring constant tweaking. He dissected this essential relationship into understandable steps. The honest, examples are refreshing and not sugar-coated. The endurance factor, referenced often, is the relationship a couple establishes with God. He is the apex of the marriage triangle.

Each chapter topic is a gem of insights into what makes marriages work. With 52+ years of marriage to his wife Amy Kay, they are an excellent example of how to make a marriage work and last. Read this book and get a clear path towards a lifetime of happiness as a couple. Who better to learn from than an author that has lived the story!” – Billy Arcement, M.Ed. —The Candid Cajun – Professional Speaker / Facilitator / Consultant

“If you only read the introduction of this book you will have a better marriage! Dr. Ross gives a one sentence snippet of each chapter in the introduction that is gold! But, don’t stop there. Read each short chapter a couple of times to absorb the wisdom of Ross’s 52 years of marriage and ministry. This is a book I wish I’d had when my wife and I got married nearly 40 years ago. Regardless of the length of your marriage, this book provides you with useful, practical tools that make a difference in your journey together!” – Dave Cornell, Speaker, and Author, Cultivate Courage

“Marriage is work – hard work. I have personally been fortunate to have been married to the same beautiful woman for almost 39 years. We have a great family with four amazing children. I realize not everyone makes the right choice in a spouse and am not naive enough to think that all marriages can be perfect. But what we have is not an accident or luck. It has been a deliberate course of action by both my wife and me, and that is what it takes – both partners deciding that US is more important than YOU or ME. Ron Ross puts this into one of the best books on marriage you will ever read. You often hear that marriages and babies don’t come with instruction manuals. Well, now marriages do! This book sheds a bright light on what it takes to stay married for a lifetime – and you will enjoy the exercises too! Thanks, Ron for putting this into writing.” – Greg Jameson – Best-selling author, Inc. 500 Award-winning Entrepreneur, Internet Consultant

“I salute Dr. Ross not only for a wonderful marriage of over 52 years but also his vulnerability in admitting it was not without a mountain of challenges. The chapters of this book are like mountain peaks. Chapters like Touch Tenderly and Help Cheerfully might be fairly easy climbs, whereas De-escalate Quickly or Surrender Humbly could be a Mt. Everest challenge. But if you can capture the view from the top of all 16 peaks, you are in for the best days your marriage has seen. There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain. Go for it.” – Jerry Nelson – Christian Concert Pianist, Arranger, Conductor – JerryNelsonMusic.com